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Areas Of Practice

Jeffrey S. Blanck provides representation at disciplinary meetings, administrative hearings, Special Education Due Process hearings, arbitrations, and litigates in State and Federal Courts.

Employment Law

Employees who are subject to discipline or termination may have rights based on what occurred, and who they worked for. is governed by both Federal and State laws. If you need to file a claim for unemployment, discrimination based on age, nationality, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or sexual harassment, the advice of an attorney can make a difference in whether your claim is filed correctly under governing laws.

Civil Rights Law

Civil Rights Law is a broad spectrum of legal area covering the rights of an individual, specifically their Constitutional Rights such as Freedom of Speech protected by the First Amendment, Due Process protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, False Arrest protected by the Fourth Amendment, and Freedom from Discrimination protected by the Civil Rights Act. If you are disciplined for exercising your Constitutional Rights you may have a Civil Rights claim.

Education Law

is an area of practice that deals with the rules and regulations concerning the education and discipline of students and the treatment of employees at public schools. Each state has their own laws dealing with education and the operation of public schools.

EEOC Filings

Our office provides assistance to employees with the process of filing a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in San Francisco (EEOC) for violation of these Federal laws. Once the employee's claim(s) has been accepted by the EEOC, the employee may choose to mediate the claims with the employer or decline mediation and have the EEOC commence their investigation.

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