Areas Of Practice

Jeffrey S Blanck Attorney At Law Areas of Practice

Areas of practice at Jeffrey S Blanck Attorney At Law include Civil Rights Law, Employment Law, Education Law, and more

     Jeffrey S. Blanck provides representation at disciplinary meetings, administrative hearings, Special Education Due Process hearings, arbitrations, and litigates in State and Federal Courts.

Employment Law

     Employees who are subject to discipline or termination may have rights based on what occurred, and who they worked for. is governed by both Federal and State laws. If you need to file a claim for unemployment, Discrimination based on age, nationality, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or sexual harassment, the advice of an attorney can make a difference in whether your claim is filed correctly under governing laws. CLICK HERE for more information.

Civil Rights Law

     Law is a broad spectrum of legal area covering the rights of an individual, specifically their Constitutional Rights such as Freedom of Speech protected by the First Amendment, Due Process protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, False Arrest protected by the Fourth Amendment, and Freedom from Discrimination protected by the Civil Rights Act. If you are disciplined for exercising your Constitutional Rights you may have a Civil Rights claim. CLICK HERE for more information.

Education Law

     is an area of practice that deals with the rules and regulations concerning the education and discipline of students and the treatment of employees at public schools. Each state has their own laws dealing with education and the operation of public schools. CLICK HERE for more information.

Criminal Post-Conviction Writs and Appeals

     If you have been convicted of a crime, you have the right to an appeal and possibly a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Criminal Post-Conviction Writs and Appeals have processes which are very technical. You want an attorney that is not only honest and upfront, but also one who understands the legal process and procedures involved. CLICK HERE for more information.

     Jeffrey S. Blanck also deals with the Formation of Business Entities, and Sealing of Criminal Records.

If you are facing legal issues with Education Law, Employment Law, Civil Rights violations, Criminal Post-Conviction Filing issues, or need help with the sealing of criminal records or the formation of business entities give Jeffrey S. Blanck, Attorney at Law a call today at 775 324-6640 or click here to Contact Us.