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Education Law

Education Law is a recently developed legal area that deals with rules and regulations concerning the education of public school students and the treatment of public school employees.

It deals with students who are in danger of being suspended or expelled from school, determining whether or not the proper procedures were followed and if the right to a hearing was granted before imposing discipline, and providing a safe learning environment for children.

Education Law also deals with ensuring that those children who need Special Education services receive them under the correct guidelines and regulations of the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act).

Education Law also deals with the rights of public school employees being subjected to discipline and their right to Due Process and a hearing. Jeff has extensive knowledge in this area after serving as the General Counsel for the for six years.

If you are a parent of a child and feel that your child's rights have been neglected or broken, then an attorney that specializes in Education Law is the best recourse for you.

Knowing which set of laws applies to you and your child can best be determined by and education law attorney. Each State's Constitution provides for a free public education.

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